Luanne Surace


In 2011 music promoter Evan Ginzburg created a wonderfully vibrant music scene for independent musicians at Gizzis.   
Evan helped Recording Artists Development to provide opportunity to emerging singer-songwriters when he welcomed RAD to be an integral part of that music scene. RAD hosted open mics for artists in all genres, fantastic singing contests in which RAD gave away free songs and studio hours, and special concert shows featuring RAD’s artists. It was a magical time at Evan Ginzburg’s Gizzis scene for Recording Artists Development and many talented singer-songwriters, musicians, budding producers, poets, and fans!
It was a joy to sing there, with Adam Tagliamonte on guitar and vocals and Aaron Lowry on hand-drums and vocals, my “Bleecker Street Band.” It was an amazing old-school Greenwich Village music scene, harkening back to the 1960’s and ’70’s intimate and happening days of music performing and growing talent.